Spa Enhancements


Spa Accessories

One of the great things about owning a Hot Springs hot tub spa is that your hot tub spa can be used to help create a relaxing environment within your home. Thanks to your Hot Spring spa, is it possible to create a harmonious and relaxing environment in any outdoor space. Through these exciting products, you can easily enhance that experience.

Spa Side Umbrella

Having a spa umbrella is nothing short of a must. Being able to shield yourself from the hot sun on a bright summer day is essential for you and your family. This Spa Side Umbrella measures in at 9’9” in diameter. Further, you can count on this spa side umbrella to be highly durable and yet lightweight, due to the fact it is constructed from steel and has a powered coating of aluminum and zinc plating. This aluminum and zinc plating adds a layer of rust resistance to the spa side umbrella.

Not just durable, the Spa Side Umbrella is also quite functional and can rotate a full 360 degrees. This means that it can be used over patio furniture as well as your hot tub spa. An included base plate is designed to slip under the spa cabinet for additional stability.

Choose from beige or hunter green.

Spa Side Handrail

We know that safety is always an important concern. One way to help ensure that your spa environment is a safe one is to add the Spa Side Handrail. The Spa Side Handrail is designed to swing both inwards or outward. Therefore, it can be used for both getting in and getting out of your spa. The base plate is placed under the cabinet to ensure stability.

Spa Side Towel Tree

Having a towel nearby is, of course, a must for any hot tub visitor. The Spa Side Towel Tree is a snap to assemble, has an attractive bronze finish and is lightweight due to its aluminum construction.

Spa Pillow

The hot tub spa experience is all about relaxation and letting the day’s troubles float away. With this specially designed spa pillow, you can feel free to lean back and relax.

Spa Cover Stand

Having an easy and convenient storage location for your spa cover serves to keep your spa area organized and free of clutter. Made of durable steel and rust resistant (due to zinc plating), the Spa Cover Stand will stand up to years and years of use. Assembly is such a breeze that you won’t even need a single tool.

Clarion Lighting System

There are many ways to create a mood around your spa and, of course, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is through the strategic use of lighting. With the Clarion Lighting System, you can elevate your spa’s appearance and enhance your overall experience. The Clarion Lighting System can be placed in your hot tub spa cabinet as well as your hot tub spa step to add a functional and beautifying touch. In fact, this lighting system can turn your hot tub spa into a work of art!

2020 Remote Control

What’s better than having a hot tub spa? Having a remote control for that hot tub spa, of course! With the IQ 2020 remote control, every feature of your hot tub spa has been placed in the palm of your hand. This easy to use and intuitive remote control will allow you to control every aspect of your hot tub spa with an easy and quick touch. Thanks to the IQ 2020, you can adjust every aspect of your hot tub experience, ranging from the temperate and jets to lighting and scores of other functions.

The IQ 2020 remote control can be wall mounted via the included wall bracket, and that means you can have your IQ 2020 within arm’s reach whenever you use your hot tub spa. The IQ 2020 may be sophisticated, but its intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use.